⚙️ This Project

This website is built using the BITS Framework. It serves to both showcase the capabilities and provide documentation for it's usage. At the core is a Templating Engine written in PHP for serving either static or server-rendered HTML Content from a Flat Filesystem while maintaining a Consistent Layout. The structure is intuitive, modular and most importantly, semantic
Semantic HTML is the use of meaningful markup to describe the content in web pages and applications rather than merely to define the presentation or look.
. On top of this layer is a robust suite of hand-crafted Custom HTML Elements designed to instantly implement many useful features such as animated slideshows, interactive page navigation, and more. These elements combine to create a beautiful, themeable, blazing fast, search engine optimized, standards compliant, user friendly experience. All for a reasonable price.

✒️ The Author

My name is Russell Beswick and I believe that the markup of a page is just as important as the visual representation. An HTML file is a Document and should be able to be read even without a browser. Too many websites these days populate an empty page body entirely from API calls. I developed this framework to facilitate the creation of visually stunning and interactive websites that are still accessible for search engines and users of assistive technologies. You can view the source of any page on this site to see what I mean.